Our summermeeting this year will take place

from August 15th to 19th, 2019 in

D-37127 Niemetal / Imbsen (Germany)



Pictures of our meeting in Birkenau Nieder-Liebersbach 2018 you’ll find here

  • The city and the place
  • The current weather there
    Das Wetter in Niemetal
  • An old fashioned How-to-get-there plan, as well as the data for your route planner:
    Grillplatz, Glockanger 1, D-317127 Niemetal / Imbsen
  • Followed by our event Program and some organizational information and rules
  • For our friends of a hard roof, there are also some hostels and hotels nearby:’
    - Gasthaus Kesten, Hauptstr. 14, D-37139 Güntersen, Tel. +49 (0) 5502-565
    - Zur Krone, Lange Str. 38, D-37127 Dransfeld, Tel. +49 (0) 5502-3517
  • And to support us for a good planning refer to ...

the remaining days you can  enjoy pictures of other events of the passed years ...

here you can find pictures of all summermeetings since 1987

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